“The point–one twinkling point by now of thousands–
Was never to forgo, in favor of
Plain dull proof, the marvelous nightly pudding.”

~ James Merrill

“Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.”
~ Alasdair Gray

Hi, I’m a freelance writer/procrastinator/headcase/misanthrope living in Boston, MA.

I look something like this, should you ever encounter me on the street:


3 Responses to “the who with the what now?”

  1. Ace Says:

    i was google-searching for the Prior “bless me anyway” monologue from A.in Am., and i stumbled across your blog. i’m more than delighted to have done so. i’m moving to new england (from texas) in the next year, and you are exactly the sort of kindred spirit i hope to know. And, now, i have another something quality to read online.

    anyway… you’re fabulous. and your writing is stellar. also you have great taste.

    i suppose i just wanted you to know that.

    have a splendid day, broja.

    1. doublenegative Says:

      Hey, thanks! Hope you like New England. Word on the street is we have nice foliage.

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