Listening to: “Heatherwood” – Deerhunter

These guys who work further down the desk from me at my office are such a marvelous mystery. The Other Company in the same office as ours. I just watched Guy With Clicky Shoes ream out Rat Man for half an hour about failing to do whatever it is their business does. Rat Man seemed to take it like a champ, though I couldn’t really see his face. Guy With Clicky Shoes may have an adult baby cherub face, but the man’s pure bile beneath the surface.

Maybe it makes me an asshole, but I get a kick out of listening to other people get in trouble. (*Cue Avenue Q music*)

I started drawing again last night, spurred perhaps by my experience at the Bazaar Bizarre yesterday at the Cyclorama. Talk about yer craft fairs. I had to stop myself from blowing my whole paycheck at that place. The best part is, I didn’t buy a damn thing for Christmas gifts—just shit for myself. Hehehe…

I was a particular fan of this stuff–faux taxidermy! Is this not the shit??

But yes, drawing. I’ve mostly been copying other people’s stuff, to get a handle on where I want to take my style and to learn how to draw things properly. I used to draw a lot more, I realized, when I was in school and going to classes all the time. Real life doesn’t provide as many opportunities for idle doodling (people tend to notice if you do it at meetings). I’m not even sure if my old cartoon style still holds, and I’m more than willing to give it up for something more dynamic.

I also finally made some headway in the screenplay (damn, that thing needs a title) after at least two months of block. I rewrote the big Charlie/Ferris fight scene, changing the scenario from Film Noir to Vietnam War. Still needs to be funnied up, but the skeleton’s there.

Last night the rain turned into hail and then back to rain again, and I woke up this morning to sidewalks slick with near-invisible ice. Walking Tucker was like trying to cross a frozen pond. ‘Course it didn’t bother him—lucky little bastard with his claws.

It’s been really gray out lately, but I almost prefer it to when the weather’s simultaneously cold and sunny. I was telling Ryan yesterday, it throws my perspective all off. It makes me feel they’ve torn the roof off, and some mad sky-god is up there on a cloud throne laughing maniacally at my turmoil.

Or something.