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Oh hey, 2010, you are looking so sexy today. Actually, not really. You’re all covered in snow and you’re cold and it’s just… what the fuck, January or something? WTF January. WTF. You’d think they’d’ve sorted out this bad weather business by this decade.

Anyways, uh, hey blog. Haven’t seen ya in awhile. How… how… how are things? He’s ignoring me. Oh well. I can’t blame him. I’ve been–where have I been? No idea. I’d like to say somewhere interesting, but no, that’s not true. Unless you count Tumblr as somewhere interesting, but that is incorrect. Anywhere that’s on the internet is nowhere, and that’s nothing. Point to Tumblr on a map. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

But it is a New Decade, rung in with all appropriate fanfare and shenanigans at a huge dance party and then on the Mass Ave Bridge with a bottle of champagne at 6am. Figured I oughta make some resolutions to break. No no, that’s negative thinking. Figured I oughta make some resolutions. To. Attempt to keep. Try to keep. Stick by till next week maybe. Not start even. TO KEEP. In no particular order:

1. WRITE CREATIVELY EVERYDAY. It doesn’t have to be long. Just something. I recently realized that apart from a few very short things, I haven’t finished a creative piece since college. That was (ouch this hurts) four years ago. Time to get all up ons. Stalled projects I could take up:

– World’s End (story of undetermined length)
– Mad Dash (TV show)
– The Price of Rootlessness (story O.U.L.)
– Bacon Chambers (comic)
– The as-yet-unnamed Ferris/Charlie thing (collaborative screenplay)
– Date Table (one-act play)
– That story about the bird guys and stuff (who the fuck knows)

2. WAKE UP BEFORE NOON. Hopefully before 11, even. This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

3. GET A STEADY JOB (THAT I DON’T HATE). Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. With W2s and EVERYTHING.


5. CLIMB MORE TALL THINGS. I will probably do this anyways.

6. LESS INTERNET, MORE WORLD. Whoops, not really doing this right now. But I need you to hold me accountable, Blogz.

7. RELEARN HOW TO DRAW. And mabes even start drawing some “Bacon Chambers.”

8. BE LATE LESS. This one is superhard. It’s pretty much like a genetic disease in my family.


K I should probably stop, because I’ve already made too many. And I have an article due in two hours. Ta.


What the fish birthed was a raucous girl
A vagabond daughter with dictionaries for arms
And a bullhorn of a throat
A neon sign of want
A terror of protective quiet

~ Marty McConnell

Listening to: “All Tomorrow’s Parties” – The Velvet Underground

I was too lazy to scan it. I just took a picture of it with my computer camera thingy. (Face drawing style shamelessly cribbed from one of my fave webcomics, Girls With Slingshots).

What else, what else? Today my mom sent me a video of her trying to pull on a horse’s tongue. She keeps asking whoever’s behind the camera, “Did you get that?” And then the voice is like, “I dunno Gale, I can’t really see…”


Joss Whedon

I saw the most exhalted Joss Whedon get a Humanism award last week at Harvard. It was awesome. He is my hero, and he was talking about constructive atheism. Double times awesome. He signed my comic book. I sputtered something at him. There was a giant fucking gold eagle in front of him, but that’s OK. He said lots of smart and funny things, including:

Faith in God is believing in something with no proof whatsoever. Faith in humanity means believing in something with a huge amount of proof to the contrary.

And, on coming to grips with death:

When your time is up… y’know… worms are hungry. And they’re cute!

And on writing:

That’s why we write in the first place–to bring the darkest parts of ourselves up into the light.

He also said that if Buffy and River got in a fight, River would win. But I disagree.


Also in life:

This gives me some faith in humanity. Go robots go!

– How did I not know about this before, and why isn’t there a button for it on my keyboard? It would make virtual communication so much less awkward. Also, “Irony Mark” would probably make a good name for a douchey band.

– Tomorrow I shall go to the beach with the mutt, yes I shall. Because I will have mailed in my taxes, and it will be sunny, and the beach is open to dogs till the end of April.

– I started a Twitter account, against my better judgment. I’m not going to give you the link, Blog. It will only lead to heartache.

– Against all odds, ended up at a Holiday Inn Express in Waltham last Saturday night. What? (PS: the Holiday Inn Express porn channel is really funny. And no one in Waltham delivers pizza at 3am. I had almost forgotten that from college).

– Today I wrote two theater reviews and two restaurant blurbs. I am EXHAUSTEDface.

– I’ve had the uncanny urge to add -face to the end of random words. Bewareface.

Listening to: “Deep Red Bells” – Neko Case

I don’t know who these people are. The pissy one might be me. I drew it on the T.


Have you noticed that it’s stopped snowing? It completely slipped past me. Next stop: spring thaw for realz. In the garbage on Linden Street today, there was an honest-to-heck safe, like the kind you lock jewels in, that was a-sploded on top! Looks like a layer of concrete plus some other shit. Bank heists in Allston?

I’m really sleepy. I have work to do. So why am I in the Valley of the Blogs? Happy April!

“Love is No Big Truth” – Kings of Convenience

Could it be that I’ve come full circle? Well, maybe not full. And certainly not the circle. But a circle of sorts, and I’ve reached some point in it.

Because my recent comic book renaissance has caused me to resuscitate my own long-dormant drawing skillz. It’s harder to do these days, what with no classes to sit through and doodle nonstop like there were for the first 22 years of my life. But today on the T, I started concepting a strip. I’ve been clandestinely stocking up on drawing supplies from that art supply store across from Symphony Hall. And I got this old, musty figure drawing guide from a used bookstore a few months back.

I can’t seem to draw as readily as I used to. Much more concerned with exactitude, results these days. None of those floppy-haired skinny dudes with the big feet I doodled compulsively in my notebooks. Well, ok, maybe a few of those dudes. They just fly out my fingers like shit water, what can I say?

Anyway, to the point, my dear fellow. I made some concept art for the strip of my main character, who is, well… me. All that autobiographical comic-reading finally got to me.


Egh… it’s a start. Hopefully drawing the dog’ll be easier.


“I never lack for things to occupy my time. I just lack for, at this point, it feels like traction.”
~ Joss Whedon

Listening to: “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” – Cat Power

Cat Power covering Dylan? What what? Awesome is what it is.

Anyway, remember when I said I wanted to start drawing again? Well I did! For serious!

Sondre Lerche

It’s based off a picture of Sondre Lerche I took at his concert in London back in ’05, from my well-fought for front row spot:

The photo’s one of my favorites I’ve ever taken, so I figured it’d make a good subject (not to mention, it was an incredible concert. I think I’ve still got his guitar pick somewhere). Obviously, I went a bit wonky-face with the shading. But bear with me, I’m wicked out of practice. Also, the eyes and the nose. The eyes look sort of dead, and the nose looks like it’s just bones. There’s something that good artists can do that I can’t put my finger on–something about the eyes, specifically, that gives the drawing an animating force. I really like the way the left hand came out, though.

Also, hate being sick. Although being cooped up with the mad sniffles did give me the time to do the above artsyness. You know what? Fuck it. I don’t care if I’m not better by New Year’s Eve. I’m going to that goddamn party anyway.