Spring can really hang you up the most

Listening to: “Sympathy for the Devil” – The Stones

I’m currently sitting at my desk wrapped in a company fleece, biting the salt granules off a stick pretzel. My nose itches. It’s half-heartedly raining outside, and I’m vaguely worried I’ll get trench foot if I wear my Wellingtons all afternoon. It’s one of those days. Those days when a person could get trench foot sitting in an office.

I haven’t been able to muster much patience for my fellow human beings lately, apart from a select few. Hanging around with my dog or fucking off to a mountaintop seem like the best options right now.

Have ya heard the nation might actually be starting to acknowledge its folly?  According to the Times, 81% of polled Americans think the nation is heading down a bad road. No shit, America. Go your brains.

I’m thinking of writing a story about a woman who decides everything that humans could dream up that’s worthwhile already has been dreamed up, so she decides to systematically destroy all cultural artifacts so we can start again from scratch. And then people still remember that the things had once existed, so she decides she has to kill almost everyone and start the human race from scratch. I can’t decide whether she’ll succeed or not at the end.

I think if one person does end up being World-Destroyer, it should be Mick Jagger. But not Mick Jagger now. Late ’60s, “Sympathy for the Devil”-era Mick Jagger. Maybe him and “Space Oddity”-era Bowie could do it in tandem. That would be hot.