The Great Work Begins

I’m so excited.

obama acceptance speech

The roomie and I watched him being sworn in, and I definitely got teary. I’m still trying to make myself understand the fact that there is now a government in place that I’m not bitterly at odds with. For people in my age group, the Bush administration has been the only political reality in our adult lives. We’re used to being angry, unheard, fed up, all the time.

Not anymore, fuckers. Things really are changing. I really do believe it.

Obama’s (amazing) speech, his call for citizen action and civic responsibility and rebuilding, reminded me of the end of Angels in America:

The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come. . . The Great Work Begins.

To borrow the words of the religious, AMEN. And speaking of we merry atheists, how awesome is it that Obama included “non-believers” in his description of the American spiritual gamut? Love it. Love him. Love it all.

Here’s to the future!