I drawed a picture

Listening to: “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” – Cat Power

Cat Power covering Dylan? What what? Awesome is what it is.

Anyway, remember when I said I wanted to start drawing again? Well I did! For serious!

Sondre Lerche

It’s based off a picture of Sondre Lerche I took at his concert in London back in ’05, from my well-fought for front row spot:

The photo’s one of my favorites I’ve ever taken, so I figured it’d make a good subject (not to mention, it was an incredible concert. I think I’ve still got his guitar pick somewhere). Obviously, I went a bit wonky-face with the shading. But bear with me, I’m wicked out of practice. Also, the eyes and the nose. The eyes look sort of dead, and the nose looks like it’s just bones. There’s something that good artists can do that I can’t put my finger on–something about the eyes, specifically, that gives the drawing an animating force. I really like the way the left hand came out, though.

Also, hate being sick. Although being cooped up with the mad sniffles did give me the time to do the above artsyness. You know what? Fuck it. I don’t care if I’m not better by New Year’s Eve. I’m going to that goddamn party anyway.