accidental communities

Listening to: “Queen Bitch” – David Bowie

So I’m at a club tonight, one of those smallish clubs where you walk in the door and suddenly every pair of eyes in the room is sizing you up. You know the type.

Anyway, everyone at this club (myself included, I expect) is trying their gosh-darn damndest to be the super-cutest-indiest person in the room. And no one can actually dance, but everyone’s all ironic about dancing badly, so it’s okay.

One of the preciously shitty dancers accidentally bangs into my friend, knocking her drink out of her hand. While she heads to the bar for a replacement, I fill the time absently dancing to the neo-techno (I know…yuck) alone amidst the crowd. After a little while, I look around me and realize that I, along with several other solo-grooving strangers, have formed a sort of circle. There’s no telling who started this pattern, but somehow we’ve started a community here. We don’t speak, we don’t touch, we barely even make eye contact, but we are a community. By accident.

For a few minutes, at least, until the song dies down and my friend returns, and we disperse from our accidentally coherent pattern.

Makes ya think…what is communication really about? And what is community really about?

And why did I give both those guys my number?