The longest night of the year

One of precious few things I like about Upstate New York–at night, you can actually see the stars. It’s a bright one tonight, not to mention the longest of the year. The ol’ Solstice. I took Tucker out for a piss in my parent’s backyard, wrapped up in my dad’s coat and my mom’s boots, and was stunned by the brightness of the moon. (gibbous, I think?) There are a good 7 inches of snow on the ground, and the trees cast dramatic shadows on the ground in the moonlight. Even though it’s so light out, you can still see a lot of stars. Orion was looking particularly shiny tonight. Only I thought that was an autumn constellation…? Good lord, how did I ever pass Astronomy? Oh, that’s right. They curved the fuck out of the exam.

The sky with the moon and the silhouettes of the trees tonight reminded me of that Volkswagen commercial that was on in the late ’90s for the now-defunct Cabrio. You know, the one where Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” plays over a group of twentysomethings driving down a country road at night? And then they… oh, sod the description. I just found it:

By my measure, that’s the greatest television ad of all time. It’s just so….mmmph. It makes you want to drive. Which is what a car commercial is meant to do, after all.

Anyway, I dunno. Stuck back at the old homestead, after roadtripping all day. My new dog is intimidating the shit out of my old dog, and I feel bad. I could use a bottle of wine and a cigarette, but my parent’s house doesn’t have such things. Bah.

But the moon… ah, the moon shines on.