Queen Elizabeth II = really, super old

Listening to: “Dog Faced Boy” – The Eels

That’s right, good ol’ Her-Majesty-with-a-movie-about-her is oldest reigning monarch of Britain, at age 81 and counting.

Of course, Londonist puts it best (bless their little black hearts):

“Her Majesty The Queen is now the oldest monarch Britain has ever enjoyed. Hang on, that sounds pervy. Let’s try again.”

In much localer news, Boston is in the process of getting another 3o0-odd feet of snow, a theater company actually liked something I wrote about them, and I’m packing to head home for El Christmaso, dog in tow. Not much looking forward to driving from Cold Climate to Colder Climate, but what are you gonna do. Here’s hoping Tucker doesn’t eat my parents’ house.

*Raises mug of spiked ‘nog*